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A profession not just a gift of the gab.

One of the most critical functions in any business and yet one that is still to be recognised by academic qualifications. To achieve at the highest level a professional sales person not only needs a broad skill set but also know how and when to apply it to achieve the greatest success. We believe this is a skill that requires fine tuning and cannot be fully mastered during 1 or 2 days of training. ToCo's solution is to provide on the job mentoring and coaching to maximise the effectiveness of each and every one of your sales professionals.


Are your sales people skilled in...

The Sales Process

CRM (a Culture not a System)

Pipeline Management

Information Gathering

Prospect Viability

Lead Qualification

Negotiation & Preparation

Value Selling Over Price

Partnership Over Transanctional Sales

Activity / Travel Planning

Managing Customers Effectively

Saying NO

Joint Account Planning

Key Account Management

Effective Communication

Information Sharing

Argos v Sports Direct

Effective Prospecting

The Power of 1%

Networking & Referral Management

Tender Management & Submission

If not then they could have the potential to deliver more with the right support and enablement.


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